Thursday, November 27, 2008

Of Ciku and Cikunga

I was down with severe bout of viral fever, that my Kaw Kaw GP thought I could be down with Cikunga (after consultation with my GP uncles and aunty, they thought I could be down with Dengue Fever), landed me with 4-day Medical Leave straight in a row. Wow…that’s a record breaking people. I never felt so sick before that I spent days in bed, sleeping and nursing my gastric attacks due to various medications taken. Alhamdullilah, I’m a OK now.

It is rather coincident that I tasted my first ciku about a week before I was suspected of Cikunga. Guess I should not attempt anything peculiar to my taste buds like petai, jering, budu, cencaluk, etc.

My good friend PT’s Corporate Athlete shared with me that he drank 3L of 100 Plus and everything crabby to recover from his dengue fever. I am so sure I recovered from my viral fever from my 100 Plus consumption. Alahai…crab…I’m so lazy to eat crab la…anyone to volunteer removing the crab flesh for me?

I hugged my mom before I came back to work the following week, thanking her for taking care of me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. It crossed my mind – perhaps I should settle down so my mom doesn’t have to care for me when I’m sick. Heck! That's pathetic. Throughout the 'ordeal', i kept thinking, too, am i going to die? I always feel like I will die young (not that i am saying i am good - only the good die young). That prompted me to really list down things i should do to make sure once i'm gone, everything is under controlled.

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Corporate Athlete said...

nanti I buat steamed crabmeat, I pass some to you kay .... all flesh taken out from its shell, and fill back into the empty shell before steaming it .... simple delicious .... see ma, no hands! just scoop it out using a spoon ...... hehhehehe