Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minyak Naik... Api Naik

I had 2 roti telur and limau ais in JB for a whopping price of RM4.40. Gosh, it is a crazy world. Don't talk about having McD or KFC, your usual roti prata and teh tarik is damn expensive. This was before the stupid idiotic BN Gomen decided a few hours ago that we malaysians will pay RM2.70 for a litre of petrol when crude oil price is hovering above USd130 per barrel, Malaysia is a net oil exporter and Petronas is one of the Seven Sisters of the world's Oil.

Shahrir Samad said last week, smilingly in front of reporters at the Parliament, that the new oil subsidy system will come alive in August. I bet Dollah slipped his lidah bercabang this afternoon during a press conference that the oil price will increase today as I noticed that he mentioned 300 kW/j and he was corrected by his 'Apa apa lah' FM II that it is 200 kW/j. That announcement was in regards to TNB structured tariff hike, come July, that those households using 200 kW/j and lesser will not be affected.

Boy, I bet Shahrir Samad must have been cursing to Dollah (it shows that he is just another puppet MP in the Parliament) as I was cursing high and low while having my dinner as i watched the indespicable announcement.

They said they want to spend more subsidies on food as it is more important. Weiiiiiiii! When the oil price increase, the food prices increase tooo....stupid! Dah la tu, they keep on comparing us with other countries in Asian region. Weiiiii.... Malaysia is a net oil exporter la...why cant we use our oil? I was told that our oil is mostly being exported and the stupid gomen asked us to buy expensive oil from other producers...

Besides, have you heard of government-owned O&G conglomerate in South East Asia that is as bloody successf'oo'l as Petronas? Tonite, I am going to curse those Petronas people, who earn bloody high salary, yet do so little work (their working environment is much like gomen style).

My tantrums were relieved by Dr Jacob George (Chairman, Consumer Association of Subang Jaya and Shah Alam), who was interviewed by NTV7 news. He was saddened that the gomen has taken this stance when many people are suffering from soaring food prices, when alternative public transport system is in shamble. He expects backlash from people. I relieved because the gomen will have a difficult time but will Malaysians stand up to fight for their rights that are robbed by Dollah and his more-than-40 thieves?

Oh please....I cannot wait for PR to bring down this idiotic regime. We have suffered enough... Care for another demonstration anyone?

I wanted to write more but my heart keeps on cursing those stupid morons...Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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