Monday, March 28, 2011

How About You & Me Going For A Stroll?

Not that I haven’t got a time to write about a plight, delight or might this year. I have come across many brilliant works, books, and people off late to write about but I feel that this is time to take a stroll through this challenging time, with an opened heart for the more we talk, the colluded our mind become.

I came across SolviturAmbulando while scanning through stories on Aristotle and Socrates. This Latin phrase can be translated to “It is solved by walking” and if I could answer, those nuns at Nonnberg Abbey when they sang, “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”, I’d tell them to go and take an Austrian hike.

So, how do we solve a problem like what we are facing now – that is running away from real problems (well, are we not saddled with rampant corruption, human rights abuse, stricken urban poverty, failing public systems and slow death of our precious mother nature?) by screening self-made problem (that is the purported video)?

Just take a walk and leave all those MSM at home, lining your bins. Apparently, walking quiet your mind, allows it to think through things, sift through data circuiting our complex grey matters. It dislodge the angst at the back of our mind (and throat), comfort our weary soul, brighten our mood and jog our mind to come up with a clear train of logical, relevant thoughts.

The great CS Lewis, who took his around 2-hour daily walk, said that,"Such walks should be silent if not solitary. Walking and talking are two very great pleasures but it is a mistake to combine them".

So, how about you and me going for a stroll?

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Anonymous said...

What is that painting. Who painted it. It is fantastic.

CS Lewis was right!