Monday, November 1, 2010

Genting Sempah's Tragic Accident - Tragic Loss of Common Sense

Last weekend's accident makes me realised one thing - most of the time, we put our life in someone else's hand.

It was reported that the outing was the first to many youths in that old bus.

It was also reported that the parents were not happy with the condition of the bus in the first place but who are they to ask for something better, when, like most abiding Malays, they accepted everything in whatever conditions. Even if it means paying hundred of RM for a screwdriver, as famously reported in AG's report for years now.

Not surprising, the trip was organised by Belia 4B (which means it was well sponsored but as always, we have too many Ali Babas (middlemen) in between Belia 4B and the youths).

When we have so little, even a little contribution means the world to us.

I could imagine how happy the youths were having gotten a chance to see the world outside Baling - I am not sure if it is still one of the poorest areas in this Ibu Pertiwi and how worry were their parents having to let go their precious ones on a long trip on that substandard bus.

I could imagine the emotional turmoils currently faced by the ill-fated bus driver. He was denied a driving license because the driving centre he registered was an illegal outfit. And he resorted to driving without a valid license because he has to support his family. Sadly, not wanting to inflict such economical suffering to his family, he inflicts another set of sufferin to families of departed souls.

Now, 7 precious ones were now in the Hands of their Creator. They are gone but their loved ones would forever live with endless "What if I had...".

May the souls rest amongst the righteous people and may Allah gives strenght to their loved ones.

This accident could be avoided if only we have more sensical people. This ideal is not far-fetched because it starts with us. Help everyone around us to be one.

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