Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll Come Back When I Know...

"Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realise that what
you've found is more suited to your needs than
what you thought you were looking for" ~ Lawrence Block

"Can once in a lifetime happen twice?

When Jonathan and Sara meet for the first time, there's a definite attraction between the two of them, but they're both attached. Sara is a big believer in "meant to be", and when she gives Jonathan her phone number only to have the wind blow the number from his hand, she sees this as a sign that the two of them are not meant to be together - at least not right now.

Years pass, and now Jonathan (John Cusack) is engaged to marry someone else. He loves his fiancee, but suddenly he's thinking a lot about Sara. Across the country, Sara (Kate Beckinsale) has also just gotten engaged, but she's starting to wonder about Jonathan. They're both starting to wonder what might have been.

The two launch a search to find one another, armed with very little information about the other - they don't even know each other's last name, let alone an address or phone number. The plot twists as the two try to find one another in New York City, seemingly against all odds, although they're closer than either of them knows. Their paths ALMOST cross several times, but not quite. Will they ever find each other again? Or will it be too late?"

That's a synopsis of Serendipity.

I like it because it has my favourite Jon Cusack, ice skating rink (once, i had a crush on an 8-year old blond while he's teaching me how to skate) and the word "serendipity" (well, since I am a sign believer).

As you can see, I haven't been writing a lot since early this month - well, for some valid reasons like 'being bugged down' - but most of the time, my mind was caught in a doldrum that even the most interesting socio-politico issues don't seem to de-frizz my tangled mind. Too bad, i'm tad too self-centric, presently.

"Love me when i least deserve it, because that's when i really need it"

~ Swedish Proverb

My life, at its most 'interesting', is indeed a stand-up comedy I admitted here before. Perhaps, i'm one selfish, greedy lot - i have one but i want that one. Maybe, i'm plain stupid to 'mengenal manikam dan jauhari' - i am a 'Queen' to one yet i rather be a 'pauper' to another. Get my drift? ;>

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of
overwhelming griefs...and unspeakable love"

~ Washington Irving

Before 'people' turns into 'present' in my writing, i shall retreat into my 'cove' (oh, by the way, we must make a point to watch "The Cove" if you love watching environmental documentary, horror and spy thriller movie (like "The Bourne Identity")).

I shall immerse myself in 'foreign stuffs, culture and people' so in return i'd know my real self. I'll come back because i love rantings, musings and cursing (ops ;P) and i love reading those blogs i follow. But above all, i'll come back when i know...and our Ibu Pertiwi has to have more women's say from now on (I don't trust Kak Jat, Kak Yen Yen and those ladies in pink).

To those kind souls (you know who you are), please take good care of yourselves, ok? My prayers and thoughts are with you in everything you do, ok? And when you ate your buah kurma (dates), saw any cats or dogs, sip your coffee or caught in the rain, think of me, ok? - those are all my favourite things :)

To those brave souls (i know who you are), keep on writing for this Ibu Pertiwi needs so much of your wisdoms to enlighten its people. You are all truly my heroes! Really!

To those who were brought here by chance when you started searching for "Autism", i know i haven't been writing much about it but i know we all know that the best medicine for any soul who is unable to express his feelings (through effective communication) is one big hug and simple whispers of "I Love You". Come to think of it, apart from autistic people who are born with this developmental challenge, there are indeed many normal people out there who are incapable of expressing their emotions. When was the last time you hug someone?

Cheerio....Hasta La Vista baby....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sia-sia Merdeka Ini

Sia-sia hilang nyawa

Atuk moyang kita - Pejuang bangsa

Separuh abad merdeka

Anak bangsa semakin sengsara

Sia-sia mereka bertikam lidah, berhujah

Untuk bawa pulang khabar merdeka

Di kala usia mencecah 52

Akal haiwan nafsu syaitan kini bermaharajalela

Sia-sia hidup kita

Disogok mimpi dusta, disorong bantal nista

Kita lalai akan tanggungjawab

Kita lupa akan kemanusiaan

Kita mamai dengan kebendaan

Kita hina akan kebenaran

Malaysia - sia-sia merdeka ini

p.s. Thank you to Ella-Mae from The Dandelions for sharing this moving clip. Instead of blaming others, i point the finger at myself. Where was i all these while that i allow this beautiful country of us turned into such Police State? Was i trapped in the state of ignorance, stupidity and cowardice act? Weren't my ancestors the brave men and women who fought for Her indepedence - they lost almost everything but their dignity? Why am i like this?

p.s.s. Someone told me that i write like an angry young (seriously i am not) woman. Well, now you know why i am this angry, after watching that clip. I don't ask for the 'stars', the 'moon' and the 'sun'. All i asked for is compassion to all. To be just is to be humane enough. That's all...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Say NO to shameless men

Everytime an opposition representative is being probed by MACC, it is a general rule of thumb that he would quit his party, continue serving as an independent representative and walla - he would be cleared from the said probe. I wonder what is the price of integrity and trust to turn one into a ‘traitor’ of his own people.

“Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct” ~ Thomas Jefferson

In the case of one Mohd Radzhi Salleh, he quit his party but wishes to continue to hold his post as the state executive councillor. That sounds like a self-serving man to me, or maybe ‘syiok sendiri’ kind of guy, who thought he won the seat for his own principles and values.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Then, came along this one Johorean – the same kind of man – hinting that more PKR representative may quit. Well, I never know that he is such an analyst extraordinaire like Mr Wenger Khairy, to predict such ‘lompat si katak lompat’ acts.

Kalau tak ada serangga, masakan katak melompat’, isn’t that so? I bet he has been ‘propagating serangga’ to bait many more ‘kataks’ but not only ‘kataks’ eat ‘serangga’, other animals like birds, pangolin, echidna, armadillo, dragonfly, fish and even plants, too, eat ‘serangga’. So, I wonder why he and his men focus so much on ‘kataks’.

DSAI admits PKR is the weak link in PR coalition. Well, we all know that PKR is very much an UMNO splinter party - full of once sidelined UMNO goons – who breathe money to stay alive. “When they get worried, the money says let’s go baby”! Ahh, what do you expect from those people who grew up in dirty money politic environment? Maybe we need to use the ‘weedkiller’ to control such ‘lalang’ from outgrowing the crops.

“A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality” ~ Winston Churchill

Of ‘katak’ and ‘lalang’, now they have ‘buaya? Oh no! They say BN’s tainted candidate has a second wife but she hasn’t been given her rights as his wife for the past 8 years. Isn’t this another criterion of some UMNO goons – chauvinistic womanisers? So, you took a vow to care for her in the name of God and now you denied her place as one of your wives? I feel for his second wife’s emotional pain, which is beyond words. No woman deserves to be desecrated in such humiliating manner.

Despite having “Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat” since January 2001, women’s rightful status and rights are still being denied. Kak Jat, what say you? Oh, by the way Kak Jat, Auntie Madeleine Albright has this for you ~ “There’s a special place in hell for women who do not help other women”.

While we women are becoming more aware of our rights, more aspired to ‘reach for the stars’, the Government is still in the state of denial to assist us women. Why so? First stop, have a look at the composition of UMNO lawmakers in the cabinet!

I wonder what would be Fatwa Council’s stand on this matter. I am looking forward to their intelligent, well-thought response because we do not wish to see this degrading trend continues. Imagine this world, with too many women abandoned by their husbands. What more if they have children. What would happen to them?

“Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions, which men think it manly to pay to the sex, when in fact, men are insulting, supporting their own superiority” ~ Mary Wollstonecraft

The same Johorean (danggg, what an embarassment), last week, said that he wanted to see more women in senior management position in corporate world. With these type of chavunistic men walking along the Corridor of Power, how could women climb up the corporate ladder? One who speaks her minds and exercises her rights are normally being ‘struck’ from the list as they would pose such great challenge to these type of insecured men. All they need is “Yes Man” type of women. For me, it is a disgrace and irresponsible act. Would you, women out there, ditch your principle for a room with a window? I rather have a clear conscience overlooking my little cubicle, baby!

Say NO to shameless men, say NO to UMNO.

Say YES to women’s power, say YES to better future.

For a start, let’s get the best man to win!

p.s. Being a lady is an attitude, being a lousy man is a destitute. So, I think!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Was Bugged Down But I Am Blessed

Literally. I was bugged down with common cold most days this August. I coughed up a lung or two, lost a voice, sent out growling noise that could send the house (and my office) down, used boxes of tissues (Dear Mother Nature, please forgive me), sucked too many lozenges (i got sensitive gums now i need to use Sensodyne) and had low 'libido' for blogging or simply, interacting or communicating.

Still, I managed to watch "Hachiko" at Finas last saturday with one interesting soul with a beautiful mind and braved a storm to see another blogger. My companions must be the kindest souls of all for putting up with my whopping cough and all. May God bless you all, always.

To my dearest Uncle Zorro, yes, i owe you too many hugs (and bowls of Sup Kambing) now for your kind heart and thoughts on me. Dear Uncle Zorro, i miss you terribly...

To Mr Duke The Whisperer, who never fails to have this special instinct about me, i owe you a meeting over cups of steaming coffee (or tea) and many more to come. Dear Sir, i am forever indebted to you...

To Mr Oscar the Grouch, i shed tears for your concerns about me. Thank you for 'missing me sorely'...

To Bro PT CA, i am still saddened that now we can't access blogspot. And bro, i will do some nice 'write-up' to the Top Gun - a little reminder of my 2-cent i shared last 2 fridays. This is the time to be proactive and vocal but i sincerely hope i wasn't being labelled as one 'attention-seeker'. Let's hope for the best, ok?

p.s. I was sick (got internet but no energy to blog), i was all over the place as my sis and nephews were down with flu (Hariz, one of little angels was hospitalised for almost a week) (no internet but had too much to write). What a 'beautiful' life...

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all my muslim brethrens

The beauty of Ramadhan lies in our efforts to get closer to Allah. Starting with 'niat' for fasting, we would continue to state our intention in every thing we do - we do this in the name of Allah, God Almighty. With God's willing, when we submit our ourselves - through our heart, mind and soul - rest assured, we would do it the best we can, with all humility that we seek God's guidance to walk through this treacherous world. Instead of merely an activity, we do everything with full responsibility, that serves a purpose that brings goodness to mankinds.

The beauty of Ramadhan lies in our rigorous efforts to recite His miraculous Guide - Al-Quran - as "this is month in which it was sent down as a guide to mankinds and also clear signs for guidance between right and wrong" (Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 185). I always believe that by reciting Al-Quran, our heart is soothed, our mind is clear and our soul is nourished.

Once, Umar Al-Khattab was on his way to kill our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when someone told him that his sister has embraced Islam. He detoured and went to confront his sister, who was reciting the first six verses from Surah Ta-ha. These simple, beautiful verses overtook his anger, his pure madness to kill another human being. On that very day, he went to see Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - he embraced Islam in front of the Prophet, instead of killing him.

That's the beauty of Ramadhan and the gift it has given us - Al-Quran.

Encik Art Harun's message to me epitomises Ramadhan's spirit at its best: -

"May all of us find humility, peace and above all the human spirits which make all of us Khalifah on this earth of His this Ramadan. We shout. We scream. And most of the time in our pursuit of our desires, we forget that those mean nothing in His eyes unless we are willing to submit to His ways, and those are the true ways. May we find The ways this Ramadan. Amin".

Yes, may we all find The Ways this Ramadhan. Amin.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

From One Johorean To Another

Dear Tan Sri,

I wonder if you have pets at home because "until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened".

I want to know if you have a good heart because "great thoughts come from the (good) heart".

I wish to seek your answer if you are humane enough because "one cannot be just if one is not humane".

Lastly, I'd like to hear you say that you are a man because "to be a man is, precisely, to be responsible".

Yours truly

~ Me ~
Orang Kampung Makam
Kota Tinggi

Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Skimpy Deep Beauty

I have these mixed feelings after reading this piece of new I found in TheStarOnline.

Do you think good-looking people stand better chances to win people's heart? Is it true that handsome men make good husbands and leaders? Could we translate beauty to how well people perform?

A few weeks earlier, our new top man paid his maiden visit to all floors in our office. My colleagues commented that his (good) looks make them feel proud to call him our CEO. Wow! I never thought good looks could have such a great impression on how well you would perform as the Top Gun. I thought we should be looking at his body language and how he 'walks his talks' - a reflection of his management style. I believe great leader is judged from how he treats his people - all of them, regardless of of their positions in the organisation. So far, his serious (pleasant) looks, his attempts at 'open-door policy' and his interesting views on several matters tell me he could bring back our organisation to its glory days - of course, with our assistance and feedback along the way.

"No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone's eyes" ~ paulo Coelho

Today, TheStarOnline reported that some women think BN's 'tainted' candidate in Permatang Pasir By-Election is the best looking candidate so far - 'boleh jadi pelakon'.

Wow! This piece of news looks more like a collateral damage control to this 'pelakon' as he told the press on Wednesday that 'it is hard for him to always wear the broad smile' and that he 'apologies to the voters if they perceived him as arrogant'. Duhhhhhh!

"Don't go for look, it can be quite deceiving. Dont' go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because only a smile makes a dark day seems bright"

Tell me people - have you ever heard of people complaining about smiling before, even if you don't know these benefits of smiling? Well, one would make such fuss if one does not have any interest in smiling to others in the first place. In his case, you should know why he's under a lot of stress since the by-election's nomination day on Monday, which made Ku Li wonders if 'he is the best we (UMNO people) can (make) do'.

Tell me people - do we need this kind of 'pelakon' to be our kind of ADUN?

"To be persuasive, we must be believable. To be believable, we must be credible. To be credible, we must be truthful" ~ Edward R. Murrow

Please, voters of Permatang Pasir, even if they continue to say that you would be their 'Anak Emas' if you delivered them the victory next week, do you think an ADUN who makes fuss about smiling, who is not capable of telling the truth, would speak for you and thus, deliver the goodies you deserve all these while, no matter if BN or PR won this by-election?

The most unfortunate man is the one that betrays himself. So, please, we wouldn't wish to see you being cruel to yourself and your future generations.

'Adil itu meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya'. So, please be 'adil' to yourself and your future generations.

p.s. Oh, i almost threw up my dinner when one lady minister commented on TV that she was shocked to see how 'mundur' Permatang pasir is - Oh Am Jee (Hi Art, can i use this here? :). Heck, this makcik is really out of touch or 'pura-pura tak tahu' about double standard treatment to opposition by the you-know-what.

p.s.s. Shish! Now i know why a brand new, filthy-rich opposition leader in one PR-led state would go that far (botox and all) to remain 'appealing' to his voters.

p.s.s.s. I know I am a difficult person. I would be so disgusted if one makes such remark that i am capable of getting things done because of how people perceive me - physically, instead of my capabilities - or if the level of treatment to another person - strangers or no - is based on how good-looking you are. Gosh! What a HUGE turn-off for me!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Tribute to "Expedition Crews to Cakrawala"

I came to know about Cakrawala a couple of years ago in my course of duty somewhere. It intrigued me, made me feel so patriotic - looking at the amount of cash generated (projected) by this joint venture from 'hasil bumi milik rakyat Malaysia' for the benefits of all. Alas, as we all know, they don't trickle down to the right pockets.

When i read from Mr. Duke The Whisperer's "The Historic Expedition Begins...", the image i had in my mind about the boats they are taking are of deep-sea, state of the art boats. Wow! What a grand expedition it would be, i thought.

But, i almost cried going through Encik Kickdefella's "Our Journey to Cakrawala". The boats they took were just simple fishing boats. God bless their souls, who endured the treacherous sea, for the sake of greater people, back home in Kelantan specifically, and Anak Bangsa Malaysia at large.

Someone in my office shared a story about selfless acts. Her father, once, opened a grocery shop in their small village in Negeri Sembilan. During the height of May 13, 1969, her father hid his Chinese Brethrens amongst the sacks of 'beras', 'gula' and 'tepung', while some crazy people of his own race wielding 'parang' running amok in the village. Till today, ever thankful for his selfless help, the Chinese Brethrens and their next generations continue to be his friends, visiting him every now and then. One day, my friend saw her father sold 5 pieces of cracker for a price of 10 cents to a boy. Feeling that her father was being unfair to her as she has to pay more if she wanted to have the same amount of crackers, she asked him later. Her father, God bless his soul, told her that the boy is an orphan. He said "Never make money out of people in need, especially 'anak yatim'". My friend learns from her beloved father the power of sharing. Once a family stricken in deep poverty, where 'orang kampung' would spit at her father for being dirt poor, his humble father and ever-resourceful mother are now blessed with a good life. She holds a high position in this organisation, her brother is a lawyer and one sister is a paediatrician.

Good values pay handsomely to those who live up to them. Good values present them with ever-lasting peace and 'barakah' for God provides them with what is rightfully theirs, to be shared with many more lives that are connected to them. Like someone dear shared with me a Tamil proverb "By caring for others, ours will be cared for too".

"Consideration for others is the basic of good life, a good society" ~ Confucius

This post is dedicated for the selfless 70-odd men and women on the two 'mercy' boats. They found the truth and i know they would fight for the rights of their brethrens, umpama 'sirih pulang ke gagang'.May God bless them all, always.

If we could see what we are doing now is for the benefits of our Ibu Pertiwi, if we truly appreciate the gifts God has bestowed our Ibu Pertiwi, if we lived up to our compassion and conscience, if we could be as selfless as them,this Ibu Pertiwi would be a great nation.

"Impartiality is a dream but honesty is a duty"
~ TIME's Jerusalem Bureau, Jamil Hamad

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenapa Orang Lain Ada Ayah?

During the late 1950s, Eric Berne, a Canadian-born psychiatrist, developed Transactional Analysis (“TA”) - a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and personal change.

Its “Theory of Personality” describes how people are structured psychologically by using the ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) model to do this, to help understand how people function and express themselves in their behaviors.

TA also offers a theory for Child Development and introduces the idea of a "Life (or Childhood) Script", that is, a story one perceives about ones own life, to answer questions such as "What matters", "How do I get along in life" and "What kind of person am I".

A person begins writing his/her own life story (script) at a young age, as he/she tries to make sense of the world and his place within it. Although it is revised throughout life, the core story is selected and decided upon typically by age 7. As adults it passes out of awareness. A life script might be "to be hurt many times, and suffer and make others feel bad when I die", and could result in a person indeed setting himself up for this, by adopting behaviours in childhood that produce exactly this effect.

Based on the above, I hope you could see the importance of parents in a child’s life, which goes beyond providing the material necessities. Like they say “A child is like a white plain cloth – you (the parent) are the one responsible to design (make) it into a beautiful, colourful one”.

So, when I first saw the above photo from Malaysian Heart’sFor the Anti-ISA Protestors: Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt”, I couldn’t imagine my life without Ayah, especially when I needed him the most – my childhood.

While the little girl asked where her Dad is, have we ever wondered questions she has to endure like “Kenapa Awak Tak Ada Ayah?” and “Ayah Awak Kena Tahan ISA Sebab Dia Pengganas ke?”. How about the sadness she has to bear in her little, innocent heart whenever her Ayah was not around during her school concert and her Sports Day, for instance, when her friends have theirs around? Even at this age, I do not think I could handle them.

“A father is the first man in a girl's life - the first man to look in her eyes, protect her, care for her, love her unconditionally. Fathers fashion their daughters as expertly and as powerfully as they do their sons. When a girl loses this man, she grows up with an ache that nothing else can soothe”
~ Jonetta Rose Barras from her book “Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl”

So, do you think it is fair to her and other innocent children out there, whose fathers are languishing in Kamunting under ISA, growing up without one? Let’s not deny their rights and our future generation’s of having a father. For that, ISA has to go.

“To build a nation, that is kinder and gentler, we must learn to appreciate the importance of the father. Because the presence of fathers contributes so much, it is clear that better ways must be found to keep the family together”

p.s. I had a great childhood for I could still remember my childhood as early as 3 years old, just like how my Mak would narrate to me from time to time, till these days. The breakfasts I had with Ayah sitting across the table, the evenings spent with him reading, countless trips to Penang Hill having my Ice Cream Sandwich. Mak said Ayah treated my sister and I like princesses. For a woman I am today, I owe them all to my Ayah. Why I said so? You must read “Why We Love Who We Love” then.

“Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express” ~ Joseph Addison

p.s.s. For all Daddies out there, perhaps you may want to check out this interesting site - The importance of Daddy

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Unit Amal PAS - My Heroes

Our Angels in Red

Protectors of Common People

Their lives at stake

No insurance, no money...dignity is all they take home tonight

The Devils in Red Machine

Provocateurs to Common People

Their moral at stake

With money, insurance..what else do they take home tonight?

Unit Amal PAS makes its presence whenever there are possibilities of provocation. Being the first liner in any peaceful demonstration, their hands intertwined, forming solid human barrier, in front of supporters of the said demonstration. For GMI march today, as promised, Unit Amal PAS doubled or rather tripled their barriers.

“Power in defense of freedom is greater

than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression” ~ Malcolm X

Let's send our kind prayers and thoughts to these unsung heroes, nameless faces we saw in red, today. May God bless them all and their beloved family. If we loved our family, we would never hurt anyone. They, like us, love theirs unconditionally.

"Man, when perfected, is the best of animals,

but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all"

~ Aristotle

Let's End The Oppression of Animals

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" ~ Mahatma Gandhi

My Ibu Pertiwi is way, way out of Road to Greatness.

Earlier this year, my company held its Family Day at Zoo Negara. I didn't go - I wouldn't want to support this as we have been making record breaking net profit last year and I, like many, thought we deserved better 'party' and I know how bad animals in Zoo Negara are being treated. How could I be jumping up in joy when these animals are not?

I read from "Remembering Sheena" this morning about "Singapore-based Acres Complains About Poor Condition Of Animals At Zoo Negara " here. I was heartbroken.

"The female elephant was observed begging for food," said Acres executive director Louis Ng".

"Ng said the abnormal behaviour, including stereotypic behaviour, of the animals at the zoo was of great concern.This indicated that the wellbeing of the animals was being compromised by their living conditions and/or husbandry. Most stereotypic behaviour occurs when animals fail to cope with or remove themselves from stressful situations".

"They should also phase out keeping wide-ranging species such as elephants and polar bears on welfare grounds".

"Rather than spending large amounts on building new exhibits and bringing in new species, Zoo Negara should instead improve existing animal enclosures by providing environmental enrichment".

"Zoo Negara should explain the cause of death of the 18 penguins out of 20 sourced from Singapore, the death of species like the pygmy hippopotamuses, cheetahs from Africa and Bawean deer from Indonesia. The zoo had nine of this endangered deer and four died".

"He ("SAM President) said a true appreciation of wildlife cannot be achieved by looking at bored, frustrated animals in cages. In these modern times, the Internet and television is where people learn about animals in their natural habitats".

In June, my dear Bro PT (as in "Personal Trainer") CA (which stands for "Corporate Athlete") wrote about his trip to the well-managed Taiping Zoo here. His cheery writing, nonetheless, ended with this "During the Xterra weekend, we also had the chance to visit the mini zoo of kuantan. The keeper, the Kuantan Town Council, is keeping the zoo ‘adead’ (as opposed to alive). We really feel bad of supporting this kind of establishment as some of the animals (especially the active ones) are kept in really small steel cages, with concrete floorings. Remember, when the visit stops, the sufferings will too!!"

It happens everywhere and there are many more animals out there are in dire needs of our urgent attentions. It is just too ... I am really lost of words to express my emotions now... Not only these animals are being killed in the name of economic developments, these innocent creations of God too are being 'killed' silently in the Zoos - a safe place we thought they could call home.

Dr. Hsu
also highlighted this week that "Zoo Negara is just another sad story". While reading his post, you must also read the comments especially from Mr. KLM, a highly knowledgeable gentleman, on what good it makes to some people (you know who) if Zoo Negara is declared a failure. One commentator perfectly summed this up - "Zoo Negara or Zoo Neraka?"

This is just too much to take - in this Ibu Pertiwi, famous for its friendly, warm and kind people, rich in flora and fauna that attracts people from all over the world to marvel - even animals are being treated unfairly. When do you think this nightmare for the helpless animals would end? Let's show some compassion, though some people think compassion is a sign of weakness.

"Man, when perfected, is the best of animals, but when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all" ~ Aristotle

While writing this from the comfort of my home sweet home, my eyes were glued to Mr. Anil Netto's live coverage and i couldn't stop the tears that keep on falling. While some 'buta hati' commentators kept on saying that GMI and Anti-ISA supporters are being used by Pakatan Rakyat for their political gain, I salute our brothers and sisters, who managed to be at the Epicentre of this cause, who braved the physical torments (by you know who), to show their support for Kak Laila and many more women with their families that have been adversely affected by detention of their beloved husbands in Kamunting.

Some ridiculed that these peaceful demonstrators were acting like mobs, I wonder if they looked at the right people on their TV screen. Let me tell you that it is a 'silent deterrant' tactic used by most countries in this world to plant 'provocateurs' amongst the demonstrators. But here in our Ibu Pertiwi, we know so well that the ones who are entrusted with responsibility to uphold justice and ensure peace are the ones that turned into 'provocateurs'.

Let me quote from Wikipedia "The First Amendment of USA Constitution (which) specifically allows peaceful demonstrations and the freedom of assembly as part of a measure to facilitate the redress of such grievances".

GMI peaceful demonstration today is all about voicing our grievances on this irrelevant, draconian law. Why would ones, grieving for their loved ones, acted wild? No sane people would grieve violently - we sane people do it with full respect, humbly in state of mourning (unless you are truly perfect case of 'talam dua muka').

It is a sad day - truly. Both animals and men are being treated unfairly, almost cruelly. Nevertheless, let's not give up for their cause for the prayers of those being oppressed shall be answered.

Let's say NO to OPPRESSION.

"If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favourite cat, they too, would purr" - Martin Delany